To design, create and educate, offering some of the most innovatived/compelling products and services. Pushing the limits of character development, creating an educational and diverse world for kids and teens alike.‚Äč

Our mission


Thanks to our sponsor TD for supporting our vision in bridging art and literacy together.

Book publishing

Freeze DNA Book Publishing has a ten year history of producing fun, and educational book series. With their line of "Learn to Draw Comic Art" products, our team tours across Canada to schools, libraries, and events teaching children, a style of drawing called, Comic Art. With the amazing help of our sponsors, our programs "Sketching History and Freeze Kids Comic Book Tour" became an importance to boys and girls, helping them to bridge literacy and art, but also an opportunity to channel they're creativity into an impressive finish product. Through their 45 minutes program, they have taught over a 1,000,000 children across Canada, the fundamentals of drawing cartoon/comic characters that they're familiar with. Thanks to all our supporters, Freeze DNA Book Publishing will continues to create more titles to come!