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Learn to Draw Comic Art Books

Freeze DNA and Freeze Kid's Foundation mission/vision is to teach and educate, connecting literacy with art! Freeze DNA and Freeze Kid's Foundation has a ten-year history of producing fun, and educational book series. With their line of "Learn to Draw Comic Art" books, our team tours across Canada to schools, libraries and events teaching children the drawing style called "Comic Art". We strive to change the lives of children/young people and lift their spirits. With this very fun and exciting way of learning we hope to encourage children and youth to continue reading, writing and drawing their favorite characters!

Freeze Kids TV - Drawing for Everyone
Share Your Art With Us!

For the past ten years we have visited schools across Canada & the US and offer fun and interactive Learn to Draw Comic Art workshops.

We can host virtual workshops, offer art lessons for virtual learning to teachers, and live in person - contact us for more info!

Professional comic artist Anthony Stanberry (AKA “Freeze”) and his son Void are also YouTubers in a fun and interactive show called "How to Draw for Kids" which is produced by Freeze Kids TV that's in partnership with Freeze DNA. This show instructs viewers on how to turn their doodles into works of art.  Not only learning how to draw a character, the show teaches cool and fun techniques such as shading, contouring and colour selection. In addition, viewers learn how to create cool stories to accompany their newly designed characters.

If you have any artwork relating to our "How to Draw" videos or "Learn to Draw Comic Art" book series, we encourage you to post your work of art! Your success is our success. By you posting and tagging us to your artwork, the team at Freeze DNA will happily comment and post your work of art on Twitter and Instagram. Also feel free to follow us for updates on our latest content!

Comic Art Workshops
Live & Virtual